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A DIY money management and money healing haven for spiritual, creative and sensually spicy entrepreneurs ready to be empowered with money on both a financial and spiritual level.

Wealth is more than just numbers… 

It's the foundation upon which you build your dreams

…and you have big dreams.

You want to feel empowered, held and supported by money, but getting a bookkeeper and a fully loaded money team is just not in the Tarot cards right now. Yet your intuition has been nudging you, saying, there’s work you need to do in the realms of money healing and money management.

You need to heal what has held you back with money and BECOME your own best money team.


Traditional wealth management approaches don’t resonate with you. You’re here for the magic and the pleasure that’s possible with your journey to financial liberation when you blend both the practical strategies and the practical magic.

You’re ready to…

  • Learn how to build cash flow

  • Calibrate to the version of you who can hold more money

  • Manage your money confidently and efficiently

  • Feel safe to receive and hold money at higher levels

  • Be surrounded by a community that’s in the same energy

DIYing your money management and pairing it with money healing practices alongside like-minded creatives and sensually spicy visionaries, will be the catalyst to the greatest love story you could imagine with your finances.

This isn’t just about managing money, it’s about unlocking your fullest financial potential.

$250 USD Per Month

You’re tired of feeling like you’re in an ‘on again, off again’ situationship and you’re ready to really build intimacy through a relationship with money that feels stable, fun, and expansive.

The truth is…

The key to creating the revenue and long-term wealth you desire lives in both education and healing. 


Managing your money isn’t simply implementing spreadsheets, it’s attuning your energy to easefully hold the wealth you desire. 


Your devotion to weaving traditional and magical approaches to money will have you feeling sovereign with your finances.

That’s why FLOURISH exists…

It’s the space where you get to bring ALL of you to the table, the ambitious, wealthy, spiritual  entrepreneur.

What most people don’t know is that wealth is not just about what you earn, but also about how you manage, feel and relate to it.

This is for you if you’re a spiritual business owner who…

  • Wants help with money in your business but doesn’t have the money to outsource

  • Has struggled with money and know you need both practical and holistic support

  • Is in a low cash flow month or low cash flow period and ready to get serious about managing and healing their relationship with wealth

  • Has someone helping you here and there, doing your taxes or giving you financial advice a couple of times a year but you want to feel more confident and smart with your money, you’re ready to feel empowered with your finances

  • Knows that the key to creating the revenue, savings, investments, and easeful payroll payments you need to create a deeper level of intimacy with your finances

$250 USD Per Month

We’re so excited to watch you flourish

Image by Adrien Olichon

The answer isn’t simply learning and healing,
it’s also implementing

Flourish is filled with resources, accountability, and intimate support to make your money journey FUN and INTENTIONAL.


We will teach you to be your own bookkeeper and infuse your magic into your finances.

Cauldron Money Bag Enhanced.png

When you enter our DIY money management and money healing haven, here’s what you will receive…

Weekly 60-Minutes Co-Working Sessions

These will be accountability-style calls to come do your bookkeeping with Karen, get guidance on how to record your transactions, review your financial statements, eligible business expenses and deductions, build your cash flow report, etc.

Monthly Money Trainings

Led by Karen and focused on financial literacy and more of the foundational money and tax topics that every business person needs to know.

Monthly RICHual Practices

Get witchy with your money and Karen! An expert in not only managing money but healing money wounds and trauma using a blend of trauma-informed practices, witchcraft, hypnosis, somatic practices, and more.

Monthly Alchemical Art Experience

Tap into your artistic side and develop a more pleasurable, playful experience in the realms of money and business. This is your monthly creation space deeply rooted in creativity, self-expression, and holistic healing led by Keisha Jordan.

Monthly Somatic Practice

Heal your money wounds through somatic practices that blend astrology, human design, somatic and breathwork practices led by Neha Jha of Love Neha Jha.


💸Monthly Sacred Money Forecast Report 

Your Astrologically inspired Cosmic Money Forecast which details how each transit will influence you and your money throughout the month. Karen, a money expert of over 15 years, uses astrological forecasts to navigate her own financial experience and has found these reports help her navigate and create stability with her money.


💸Access to the Sacred Money Library

An ever-growing library of resources to help you on your entrepreneurial journey with money including workbooks, worksheets, spreadsheets, and templates for your business and personal finances.


💸Access to a Private Community

A community of ambitious, spiritual, and entrepreneurial souls


💸Guest Speakers and Healers

We have quite a lineup for you! You can expect a light language money healer, marketing specialist, business coach or lawyer who will help you open to receive more money and protect that money. 


💸50% OFF a Money Date Session

As a member of Flourish you also receive generous discounts on private Money Date consultations with Karen. This is an opportunity to have a private session with Karen where she will zoom in on your business finances and support you in tracking revenue and increasing cash flow.

Are you ready to unveil your fullest expression of financial potential?

$250 USD Per Month


Sacred Geometry Flowers 1.png

The Intention of Flourish is…

  • to empower you to confidently step into the world of DIY bookkeeping while not feeling alone as you do it

  • to support you in a guilt-free and shame-free way

  • to encourage you to feel proud of the relationship you’ve built with your finances

  • to provide a supportive environment while you create a life of pleasure, safety and intimacy with money

You’ll have our team and community alongside you as you pursue your goals.

Meet the Team

Karen Yellow Dress_edited.jpg

Karen Gargiso

Karen, founder of Sacred Money Inc., believes in trauma-informed, confidential support and creating a sanctuary for spiritual, witchy, sensual, spicy, creative entrepreneurs from all backgrounds and demographics to achieve financial liberation. Her mission is to help clients create a balanced approach to a harmonious relationship with their business and personal finances.


Throughout the month, Karen hosts healing experiences, trainings and coworking sessions to help Flourish members learn to manage their own bookkeeping, stay accountable, understand their money, and heal their money wounds. She’s passionate about seeing spiritual business owners thrive and flourish financially.

Keisha Jordan Headshot.jpg

Keisha Jordan

Keisha Jordan is a dedicated Self-Expression Guide and Voice Doula, committed to freeing individuals from societal expectations. With a holistic approach, she empowers clients to authentically express themselves through practices like breathwork and creative expression, navigating intersections of race, gender, and identity.


Keisha believes self-expression is both personal liberation and societal transformation, advocating for radical authenticity as a defiance against oppressive norms.


Neha Jha

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Are you ready to enter a space with a soul family and everything you need to catalyze your financial liberation journey?

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