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The sacred convergence of karmic money healing, conscious money management, and soulful wealth empowerment for the Spiritual, Creative and Sensual Entrepreneu

A 6-month private immersion with modern money alchemist, and sovereign wealth witch, Karen Gargiso.

Together, we'll co-create a space where you can embrace your inner and outer abundance, free from overwhelm with clear, supportive guidance.

Does this remind you of someone you know?

  • You’ve bought course after course to help you change your money mindset, yet when the time comes to apply what you’ve learned, you avoid the tasks required to face your finances or pay your bills.


  • You’ve journaled and journeyed through all the workbooks on money management and mindset work, yet still feel like you are lost when it comes to managing your money and creating more of it.


  • You’ve experimented with holistic practices like yoni steaming, moon howling, and crystal charging, and also dove into structured methods like Excel sheets, budgets, and trackers. Yet, you often feel caught between the two without finding a balance.


  • You’ve gotten an astrology and human design reading to better understand your finances but are left feeling more overwhelmed, confused, and unsure of what tangible steps to take to actually make your money life better.


  • You've embarked on a journey of healing, addressing past challenges and experiences related to money, but it still feels like something is missing, because when you think about money you still feel intimidated, uncertain, or powerless - and that is the one thing about your life and business that you have yet to truly shift.

If you’ve tried these methods and were disappointed in the results, you’re definitely not alone, and you’re not doing anything wrong! These are all theoretically powerful, sensical approaches to financial empowerment, but the fact is, the key to a healthy, thriving relationship with money is missing.

Hello, I'm


and I know exactly what it feels like to be out of touch with my money. This is my story of reclaiming my own financial sovereignty.​

I’ve been working with money my entire corporate and entrepreneurial career. Ironically, being in the Accounting world, I didn’t even do my own Bookkeeping and hadn’t formed a conscious relationship with money myself.

I spent my money without much thought, I always knew what was available in my bank and believed that money would always be there for me. Yet, I was still out of sync with what my money was actually doing, and how it could work for me.

It was the ebb and flow of my conscious and unconscious abundant mindset that led me to realize that I have allowed myself to be controlled by money (dun dun dun).

Until this realization, these moments I had no idea about these old money beliefs and wounds within my mind and body had been unconscious. But my soul knew.

This is what led to my personal money awakening. And, the beginning of birthing myself as a money guide, teacher and activatrix unknowingly (#incarnatedsoulmission)

DSC03197 (1).jpg

It was time for my sacred and conscious financial revolution.

I took the money mindset programs and courses, worked with coaches to reprogram my subconscious and energetically heal my abundance blocks, guilt, shame karmically as well as those of my ancestors.


But I felt and knew something was missing. And, it turns out it was the thing that flows naturally to me.

I could not have the partnership with money that I desired unless I got intimate with my finances. More intimate than I ever thought it could get.

I mean we got deep! (Karen doesn’t do surface level sh*t)

And that meant actually going into the nitty gritty spaces of managing my cash, debt, savings and investments is what was truly being called forth if I wanted to create true long term financial security and abundance.

I had to completely shake and set fire to all of my foundations within myself and business to heal, to shift, and to alchemize my karmic and past relationship with money.

I have worked deeply through my ancestral and generational wounds and trauma to make space for more abundance to flow in.

I experience financial pleasure, have pleasurable moments and I can finally feel confident, safe and secure in knowing money is coming in and going out, in alignment with my intentions, my chosen path, my sovereign vision for myself, my family, and my future.

I’ve flipped the script from “money has power over me” to “money is a reflection of my own power”. And, now in an intimate and beautiful alliance where my finances are supporting me in the life I live and will create.


I want you to know that you are 100% capable of recreating your relationship with money! A life of financial security, expansion, and harmony is definitely in the stars for you.

How do I know?

Because you get to
choose it, change it, and claim it
it’s up to you.

pikaso_enhance (9).png

Let ask you...

Have you ever been sitting in a lotus position, crystals in hand, binaural beats on, and it occurred to you: how on earth could you ever release your money stories, wounds and trauma without looking at your actual, real life, finances?

The simple answer? You can’t.

And this is exactly why
Wealth Alchemy was created.

As cosmic beings having an earthly experience, the key to financial security, abundance, and peace of mind are not hidden in the pages of complex budgeting techniques OR spiritual practices that neglect to address the whole picture of your unique money journey.

The fact is that you deserve a healthy, thriving, pleasurable relationship with money.

Even if you’ve been notoriously “bad with money.”

Even if you’ve tried and failed at improving your spending habits or financial patterns.

Even if you’re in debt or have shame around your finances, however deep it goes.

Even if you think it’s hard, confusing, or not your thing. (Especially if you think this!)


Wealth Alchemy™
was made for you if...

The thought of cracking your books open and taking a real, honest look at how you are doing in your business financially, makes you feel anxious and stressed, and you’d rather distract yourself on Netflix and Tiktok instead.

You feel like you’re behind on what you “should” be earning, and money seems to slip through your fingers long before your next payday, causing dread and anxiety.

You wondered what it would feel like to know where your money is going, so you can make space for a spa day or that dream vacation? You dream of luxurious retreats and vacations, but for now they remain out of reach on your Pinterest boards because you have no idea how to start saving and directing resources towards anything beyond your survival needs.

You sincerely wish to better organize your business finances, make space for more of what you want, and start consciously wielding the tool of money to create the life of your dreams, but feel overwhelmed and tend to retreat or distract yourself when it comes to managing your finances.

I want you to know that you are so not alone, and that there is an even easier, more pleasure-based way to create financial harmony in your life now.

There’s a new way to heal your relationship to wealth, and it doesn’t involve rigid systems or a one-size-fits-all outlook on your finances and situation.

That’s what Wealth Alchemy™ will help you to access within yourself. No matter who you are or what you do, you can have financial abundance.


Wealth Alchemy™ transcends traditional financial services.

Imagine merging the depth of 15+ years of Karen’s accounting expertise with transformative and empowering financial coaching and healing, all using a trauma-informed approach – that's the heart of Wealth Alchemy™.

This isn’t just about outsourcing your bookkeeping and accounting. It’s an invitation to unload burdensome financial responsibilities and clear the path for profound healing. You're on a dual journey: streamlining your business finances while simultaneously addressing and healing deep-seated money-related traumas, using trauma-informed practices, rituals, and approaches.

This holistic approach ensures both your financial structures and your soul undergo their financial evolution.

Over a transformative 6-month, one-on-one personalized journey, Karen will usher you through the three-part journey of Wealth Alchemy™.

Each phase, distinct yet interconnected, serves as a pivotal milestone, guiding you from exploration to mastery, from awareness to actualization.


Prepare to intertwine the tangible with the spiritual, as you not only master your finances but also heal, grow, and step into an abundant future.

pikaso_enhance__vivid_2K_Standard_r_c_ (1).png


In the Cultivate phase, we sow the seeds of awareness, diving deep into your financial beliefs and practices, analyzing and optimizing your current financial systems and bookkeeping practices, unearthing the roots of money-related challenges, and setting the foundation for growth and transformation.



Establish a clear and robust foundation of financial systems and emotional resilience.


What You'll Experience:

  • - An in-depth exploration of your beliefs around money, dissecting generational, individual, and systemic financial wounds.

  • - Implementation of practical business money management and tax strategies (for the entire 6-month journey).



A streamlined financial operation for your business ready for growth while dismantling outdated beliefs, propelling you towards your most financially empowered self.


In the 'Embody' phase, we nurture the insights and practices cultivated earlier, allowing you to internalize and heal these deeper financial traumas, while continuously managing and updating your financial systems as your business evolves and providing tailored support to navigate any emerging challenges.



Meld financial proficiency with emotional intelligence.


What You'll Experience:

  • - A paced integration of Wealth Alchemy teachings, tailored to your rhythm.

  • - Supportive guidance through challenges, facilitated by somatic coaching, hypnotherapy, and a myriad of energetic and spiritual healing methodologies.



A thriving financial business model matched by a liberated mind, you'll transcend self-sabotaging tendencies, breaking free from doubts and fears as you continue to free yourself from past and current financial traumas.


Relishing in the sensations of growth, abundance, and the innate self-improvement that you were destined for.


In the 'Integrate' phase, we harmonize the wisdom and experiences from the previous phases, ensuring they seamlessly intertwine with your daily financial and spiritual practices, solidifying a holistic approach to abundance and healing.



Solidify learning and unification of financial expertise with emotional and spiritual well-being for sustainable success.


What You'll Experience:

  • - Comprehensive integration processes, uniting the practical with the spiritual, the light with the shadow, and blending masculine and feminine energies.

  • - Hands-on application of your accumulated skills to real-world money management, complemented by powerful integration rituals.



Witness the tangible benefits of your dedication to inner growth, spiritual evolution, and financial acumen. A rejuvenated spirit, basking in the joy of experiencing the direct results of your commitment.

It’s time to put an end to the money story that has created chaos, confusion, and energy leaks in your life - and install a new money paradigm that feels expansive, supportive, easy, AND PLEASURABLE!

This is Wealth Alchemy™.
To bring you to your signature financial harmony.

Are you ready to go on this journey with
your badass sacred money sister?


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Sacred Money Inc.

Cultivated from a profound understanding of the interplay between wealth, emotions, and the spirit, Sacred Money Inc. serves as a beacon for those seeking a harmonious relationship with their finances.

Our mission extends beyond mere money management; we delve into the very soul of financial well-being, embracing each individual's unique journey.

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